Is There a Point to Install Heating Cables for Gutters?

During winter, there are high possibilities that your roof, gutters, sidings and the foundation of your home will be damaged. When water freezes in your gutter cleaning services and downspouts, this is a huge problem. You will be dealing with icy hazards if you have no idea how to deal with this. To avoid water freezing and ensure that water flows seamlessly, it’s advisable that you install heating cables in your gutters.

Why Heating Cables or Heating Tapes are Important

Ice clogs in your gutters will in turn damage the roof and the gutters. If this ice melts, it will not flow freely in the gutters and into the downspouts. It instead overflows from the gutters and onto the foundation of your home. You will be walking on ice sheets which will be a huge challenge. Installing heat tape ensures that the structural integrity of your gutters is not ruined and its lifespan is not affected by ice dams.

How to Ensure Heating Cables Are Effective

Since ice dams are quite harmful if not taken care of, you have to ensure that the heating cables in the gutters are effective. This is possible when you turn them on during freezing weather. Instead of ice dams forming, the ice melts and flows smoothly into the downspouts.

How do you Control the Heat?

One problem with heating cables for your gutters is that they can overheat if not well-controlled. Besides consuming more energy, overheating could bring more issues. When purchasing the heat tape, get one with thermostatic controls. This will prevent overheating issues.

What is the Most Advisable Heating Cable for Gutters?

You may not be always at home to turn the heating cable on and off. In such cases, installing a self-regulating heat trace cable is highly recommended. The good thing about this cable is that it will turn on when you need to melt some ice and turn off when it’s not needed. It also has the capabilities of regulating its own temperatures according to the requirements. This ensures that only the right amount of temperature is used and in turn, this will make economic sense.

Installing Heating Cables on Your Gutters

Just like a gutter needs proper installation, the heating cables must be installed correctly. Any gutter repairs needed must be done prior to the installation. The entire system has to be covered with the tape and while at it, nothing should be done that could lead to an electrical hazard. The heat tape should be wrapped using an electrical tape.

While installing heating tapes, there are other things that are a must do to ensure that the heat tapes are effective. For example, ventilation should be in perfect condition same as home insulation. If they are in poor condition, upgrade them and it will be easier for your gutters to deal with ice dams. Heat cables should be installed before the freezing weather starts. It’s safe at this time than installing it when the weather is already causing havoc.